Dating & Conversation

Talking, listening, laughing… it’s all part of the game.

Want to plan a date that’s fun and entertaining, while spending time getting to know each other even better? Time for Two games for dating make conversation easy. The products below are fun to share whether you’re going out for the first time or planning a “date night” in a longer term relationship.

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To Know You … Better®

An award-winning game of entertaining conversation — funny and insightful…discover wonderful things about each other.

Two to Tango®

Makes a “game” of introducing new things to share. Enjoy the planning, the anticipation and the experiences. Playful way to keep your relationship fresh & exciting.

Make-a-Date Game by Time for Two


An entertaining conversation game — discover wonderful new things about each other. Just download, print and play.

You Just Became a Millionaire®

It came out of the blue… the lottery, an inheritance, or a “big win” at a casino… and now you have more money than you ever imagined! Available both as a board game and as a downloadable, print-and-play file.

The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance

More than 130,000 copies sold!

The Book of Love, Laughter
& Romance

by Barbara & Michael Jonas

Exciting “real-life” ideas for keeping the flame of romance burning. The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance will give you specific suggestions and ideas for making your relationship special, and for making each other feel more loved, appreciated and desired.  Available both in hard copy and as a downloadable pdf.

Take Time Out to Play!

Part of the excitement of a being in a fulfilling relationship is the adventure of discovery, learning more about each other (and, in the process, learning more about ourselves). Time for Two is all about the journey: discovery, exploration and connection.

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