Two to Tango®


  • Makes a “game” of introducing new things to share.
  • Enjoy the planning, the anticipation and the experiences.
  • Playful way to keep your relationship fresh & exciting.
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Two to Tango®

Create those “magic moments” that make being together so meaningful and fulfilling.

Make it New!

Two to Tango® is the perfect and fun way to introduce new experiences to share; it’s for couples who want to create those “magic moments” that make being together so meaningful and fulfilling.


How is Two to Tango Played?

With A Couple's Wish Box, and a little imagination, couples will be able to make each other's dreams come true and enjoy all kinds of things that would be fun to share – romance, fantasy, travel, food, sports, entertainment, adventure, learning new things and lots more.

From time to time, as partners think of something they’d like to do together, they select one of the Wish Cards or write an idea on a blank card, and slip it into their side of the box. Then, make a date for opening and sharing the contents of the Wish Box. The Wish Box includes suggestions for how to "make it happen."

The Game Sets the Stage – The Players Share their Wishes.

Set aside private time and enhance the experience by creating a romantic ambience. Include favorite music, candles, nibbles and drinks.

Wish Box, divided in two – one for each of you. Each side includes 150 Wish Cards with hundreds of suggestions for each to choose. There are an additional 50 blank cards each for writing in additional wishes. Directions included.


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