To Know You … Better


An Award winning game of entertaining conversation — funny and insightful…discover wonderful things about each other.

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To Know You...Better®

An award-winning board game that includes humorous, insightful and interesting cards that invite sharing and discovery.

Discover Something New!

To Know You ... Better is an ideal gift for any occasion. Any two people can play, whether they're friends, dating, engaged or married. The game is designed for positive and enjoyable conversation.

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How is To Know You ... Better Played?

Players first choose a future date from a wide range of choices on the Activity Prize List. Then, moving on the board and taking turns answering open-ended or “guess” questions, they share their preferences, experiences, accomplishments and wishes.

The first player to reach the end wins his/her Prize. And at a future “date,” the “losing” player arranges for the Activity Prize the winner has selected.

The game does not involve any physical intimacy.

The Game Sets the Stage for Discovery.

Contents: 210 Game Cards, 5 Guess Selection Cards, Prize Pad, Game Board, Directions, List of Prizes, 2 Wooden Movers and Die.


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