Make-A-Date™ is a downloadable, conversation dating game for two people – single or married. It’s fun to play on a first date or on “date night” for two people who have been together for years. The game is funny, insightful and entertaining!

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Make it fun, make it playful, make your date an adventure!

Play tonight!

While playing Make-A-Date, you’ll share and discover (and re-discover) each other’s interests, experiences and preferences.

Make-a-Date is a single-play downloadable game – there is no waiting for a shipment to arrive. The game arrives as soon as it’s ordered. Then, just print the game and play! [See specs below.]

Friends Without Benefits Game

How is Make-a-Date Played?

The game begins with each player selecting a future date from the list of suggested Prizes. It’s the “loser” who gets to plan and make the date happen!

The players then take turns answering questions – there are two kinds of questions, open-ended, which both players answer, and “guess” questions, which are multiple-choice where one player guesses the other player’s answer.

Make-a-Date does not involve any physical intimacy, and the questions are written to avoid discussing anything that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

The Game Sets the Stage for Intimacy.

The ambience is almost as important as the game. Players may want to “romanticize” the setting with soft lighting (such as candlelight) and their favorite kind of music. Add something to nibble on (besides each other) and your favorite beverages.

Specs and instructions for downloading:

Make-a-Date is a PDF file, 3 megs in size, and is printed on nine pages. The game can be printed in black and white or in color if you have a color printer. (If you do not have free Adobe Reader, click here to download:


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