Romantic Sensations


Explore all your senses; celebrate your relationship as you heighten your romantic experience with this sensual game.

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Romantic Sensations®

Romantic Sensations is a game of Romance and the Senses. 

Pleasure on all levels!

The senses … they give texture and substance to romance. They’re how we experience each other and how we communicate our love and affection.

The Game Sets the Stage – The Players Share the Experience.

Players can enhance the romantic atmosphere by enjoying the included Sensuous Massage Lotion and Bath Gel, and adding soft music, candlelight and their favorite foods and beverages.

The game also makes a special gift for a special couple – weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s or “just because” …

Contents: Five types of cards, representing Touch, Taste, Scent, Sound, and Sight — a total of 75 cards, 2 Activity Lists, Directions, 2 oz. Sensuous Massage Lotion and 2 oz. of Bath Gel, both water-based.

Romantic Sensual Game for Two

How is Romantic Sensations Played?

Romantic Sensations is a card game in which all the senses are engaged. To start, the players read the list of “prizes” – romantic, sensuous activities to be enjoyed together, one list for when the game is played and the other for a future date.

The “loser” arranges the “winner’s” prizes. But, of course, since the Prizes are “shared,” both players really “win.”


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