An Enchanting Evening®


An Enchanting Evening® is a game in which every turn brings you closer. Perfect for any couple and any romantic occasion, a trip around this board is a romantic adventure for two.

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An Enchanting Evening®

Romance is in the cards ... this is a game for couples who want to fall in love all over again.

Romance Happens!

An Enchanting Evening® is a sexy, playful way for any couple to celebrate being together. It’s also a perfect gift for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, get-a-way weekends or “just because”…

How is An Enchanting Evening® Played?

An Enchanting Evening® begins by each player writing down a "secret wish" that can be shared with his/her partner that evening. The players then move around the board with cards that invite talking, touching and laughing.

The first player to reach the finish gets his or her wish fulfilled. (In this Game, however, both players really "win.")

The Game Sets the Stage.

The players make it An Enchanting Evening® - where and when it’s played is as important as the game itself. Players can make a “date” for a special evening and enjoy the anticipation of planning together or one partner can invite the other and create the atmosphere.

The experience is enhanced with candles, music and your favorite nibbles and beverage.

Contents: 100 Game Cards, Wish Cards, Game board, Two Movers and a Die and Directions.