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What People Are Saying!
"A wonderful exploration of the many sides of love."

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Romantic Games

Romantic Sensations!®

Romantic Sensations!®
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Indulge all your senses, romantically.
Share magic moments of exploration through touch, taste, scent, sight and sound.
Heighten the experience with the enclosed bath gel and massage lotion.

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Romance is in the cards!

Who Can Play? Any couple, any age. It makes a thoughtful, tasteful gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, vacations, or "just because..."

What is it about? The Senses... they give texture and substance to romance. They are how we experience each other and how we communicate our love and affection. They enrich our lives, deepen and intensify our pleasure.

When you play this game you can enhance the romantic atmosphere by using the included Sensuous Massage Lotion and Bath Gel, and adding soft music, candlelight and your favorite foods and beverages.

How is Romantic Sensations! Played? To start, the players read the list of Prizes – romantic, sensuous activities to be enjoyed together. The cards are shuffled and dealt. Players then take turns picking a card from the deck, reading it aloud, and responding. Some cards ask for verbal responses, positive and supportive. Others suggest gentle touching, some playful, some subtle and ambiguous.

"... it was a look you could have poured on a waffle." Ring Lardner

It may be a gaze held a little longer, or a subtle touch — what flirtatious thing can your partner do to make you feel "syrupy?"
"A Kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point." Mistinguett

Practice your "punctuation" and give your partner one of each.

When "like" cards are matched, they are placed down. The first player to match the required number of cards, wins.

What does the Winner "win?" The "winner" chooses his/her Prizes (one for when the game is played and the other for a future date). The "loser" then arranges the "winner's" prize. Of course, since the Prizes are "shared," both players really "win."

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