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This very sexy, intimate game is perfect for any two people who want to share a sensual Fantasy Desire, have fun finding out what really turns each other on and enjoy a truly SEXsational experience.

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An Exciting Erotic Game for Two Consenting Adults!

WARNING! Do not play this game unless you are prepared for a passionate experience.

Players begin by writing down a “secret” Fantasy they would like fulfilled by their partner at the end of the game.

Players then take turns picking Opportunity cards and try to guess each other’s answers to interesting and provocative questions. Some offer light and playful choices, others let the players explore their fantasies!

If you guess correctly, you win a Sensual Point and your partner gets to pick a SEXsational card which offers seductive “activities.”

Be first to collect 7 Sensual Points and you win…

But, of course, because you and your partner share the experience,  you both really win!