Counselors & Clergy

Counselors & Clergy


“If every couple played An Enchanting Evening® and read The Book, of LoveLaughter and Romance, there would be no divorces.”

– James McClellan, “Joy”, Trinity Broadcasting Network


Time for Two® has been providing “tools” for individual couples’ counseling, marriage ministries, workshops, Marriage Encounter and couples’ retreats for over 35 years. For more information and wholesale pricing, contact: 800-776-7662


Time for Two Games & Books are Positive, Respectful & Provide Wonderful Ways for:

  • Couples who want to rekindle and energize their relationship and deepen their love and intimacy;
  • Couples to want to share a special “date night”;
  • New and/or “harried” parents who need to take time to focus on each other;
  • Military couples who need to bridge the stress of their periods of separation;
  • “Empty Nesters” and retirees who are building their “new” relationship; and
  • Newlyweds – of any age.

Partial List of Ministries and Marriage Enhancement Programs who have used Time for Two’s Games & Books in addition to numerous marriage counselors and therapists:

  • Christian Book Distributors
  • Michigan Conference of 7th Day Adventists
  • National Association of Marriage Enhancement
  • Sunscape Ministries
  • Heart of America Family Services
  • Global Relationship Centers
  • Life Cycle Learning
  • San Jose Marriage Encounter
  • Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment
  • Phillips Graduate Institute – California Family Counseling Center
  • New Beginnings
  • Naperville Bible Church
  • Love Skills Programs
  • Journeys of Life
  • Family Resource Center
  • Center for Applied Psychology
  • Building Intimate Marriages
Time for Two®

Games for Romance & Relationships