What the Media is Saying

“These games are love, laughter & romance … in a box.”

People Magazine

“The rules of the game call for players to advance around the board following romantic ‘directives’ … a lot of people never make it to the end.” [The Jonases, creators of Time for Two games, were featured in People Magazine as one of America’s Most Romantic Couples.]

An Enchanting Evening invites communication, experimentation and surprise.”

Psychology Today

An Enchanting Evening made a believer out of Marty Klein, PHD. a Palo Alto, CA marriage counselor. ‘When I first heard about it, I felt totally cynical. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. It encourages the kind of playful touch and supportive communication most couples stop sharing after a while. And it shows a profound understanding of how intimacy and sexual desire go hand in hand.’ ”

American Baby Magazine

“Year-Round Valentines. Many romantic relationships take a backseat when the baby arrives. The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance compiles many couples’ ideas for staying connected with each other. The book is a companion piece to the couple’s game, An Enchanting Evening.”

Los Angeles Times

To Know You…Better is for when a relationship fast forwards from “Do you like broccoli” to “Do you think we should live together?”

Woman's Day Magazine

“Falling in Love Again. An Enchanting Evening is a board game with a romantic approach that lets couples enjoy all the unique qualities of their relationship. It’s perfect for the two of you or as bridesmaid’s gift.”

“This game will transform low-watt love affairs into the blazing lights of Broadway.”

“Use your creativity and the game Romantic Sensations! to achieve the ultimate by exciting the senses of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.”

Time for Two is for people like us – up to their eyebrows in work and family concerns and can use some help setting up an occasion to concentrate on one another.”

“With these boudoir “contests,” the loser can be the winner – and vice versa! Said one tester, who refused to return the game when the test was over, ‘This game really helped us appreciate taking time to explore each other.’

An Enchanting Evening lets couples say, ‘I still do.’ The game spawned other romantic games such as Romantic Sensations, To Know You…Better, Fan the Flames and Two to Tango.”

“A game of love. If love were a game, you might want to play a card from Romantic Sensations. Adults only, please, but blush not. Had it been a movie, it would have been rated ‘R’ rather and ‘X’.”

“The games are not age or culturally specific and have been used to help returning soldiers reconnect with their partners through fun and play.”

“Time for Two is one of America’s Sexiest Businesses – Unlike Monopoly, no one really loses in these sexy board games. Time for Two has “cornered” the weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day market.”

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