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Part of the excitement of a being in a fulfilling relationship is to continue to discover more about each other (and, in the process, learning more about ourselves).

And there are so many ways we learn and grow together – indirectly through the sharing of experiences and observing each other and sometimes directly, asking each other questions – keeping in mind HOW the questions are asked and WHEN they are asked makes a great deal of difference in not only in what our partner shares, but how he or she responds.

When asking:

“What do you find most irresistible about me?”

Standing in line at the checkout counter… Well, that might not be the ideal place!  And the answer will probably not be what you were looking for.

imagesBut when you’re home together and the lights are dimmed, it’s the perfect time to find out what that “special look” really means to your partner.

While in a playful mood, intimate questions (that are fun to think about) can be a great way to deepen the bond you have with your partner — try asking:

“If you were to see me at a masquerade party, what two of my features would you look for to identify me?”

Or why not:

“If we were planning a romantic weekend away together, what two articles of clothing would you hope I’d bring?”

With that answer in mind, you know what you’ll tuck into your suitcase for the next getaway or what to put on for an evening at home alone together.

Thinking ahead about those private times with your partner… What would like to discover about him and her?  And how would you ask so that it enhanced the mood?