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With the constant bombardment of “news”, chatter, and often inane conversation, it’s challenging to find a safe haven for romance and intimacy…it doesn’t happen on its own.

That means we have to make a conscious effort to create time and space for our relationship. Ah, you think, it’s easy to say…but actually doing that.

Well, here’s some suggestions (and please add more of your own). The very first is MAKE A DATE with your partner! We make dates to go to movies; see a doctor; get the car fixed; take vacations…and so forth — so make a date with each other.

Idea — take turns planning the date, inviting your partner, and setting up everything you’d want to make the time as wonderful a possible.

At the “appointed hour”, begin the date by turning off the single most romance-disruptive device in the house — the TV.

Then add ALL the smart devices — think anything that rings, buzzes or calls out to you (notice that “vibrates” is not on this list).

Now that you’ve created a cocoon, enjoy it; luxuriate in unstructured time — these are magic moments so enjoy them to the fullest. (For more ideas for creating time and space for romance, see The Book of Love, Laughter & Romance.)