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The “pink pill” is upon us…or at least some of us. It’s arrival probably creates more questions than answers, and the research on which the FDA based its approval is anything but strongly compelling.

To some, it’s a solution looking for problem, as Woody Allen once remarked, “My grandfather developed a cure for which there was no disease. Unfortunately, he caught the cure and died.”

Still, there may be hope in the placebo effect — if a woman thinks the pink pill makes a her feel sexier, there’s a good likelihood she WILL be sexier.

The advertising for Viagra and Cialis repeatedly states that neither is an aphrodisiac. But in reality, that’s not completely true — while there may be no bio/chemical basis for finding Viagra or Ciaslis to be a sexual stimulant, the confidence that a man will be able to “perform” has got to have a strong influence on his desire.

Do you think there’s a sexual future for “better living through chemistry?”